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31: CIO Shares How HR Can Build Better Relationships with IT

April 30, 2018

One of the things that IT has in common with HR? They're often one of the last considerations when making changes to strategy. Despite quite a few commonalities, IT and HR teams don't always get along. In some cases, HR executives even seek out cloud technologies to support their HR initiatives specifically so they can avoid having to involve their IT teams in selection, implementation, and more. 

Can't we all just get along? In today's conversation recorded live from Ultimate Software Connections 2018, Ben interviews Gregg Paulk, CIO for Anderson Center for Autism. In the discussion Ben and Gregg talk about how HR and IT can build stronger relationships and achieve their goals together. Interestingly, Gregg shares his insights on some very HR-centric ideas like how much employee retention matters in an environment where his organization serves autistic children. He also discusses some of the value that HR technology has brought to the organization, proof that IT isn't oblivious to the fundamental needs of HR leaders. 

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